Lots of Patchwork Potholdes For Sale

Old patchwork Potholder
Old patchwork Potholder

These are the potholders that inspired me to make my Autumn Oak Leaf Quilt.  I had this old patchwork pillow sham and cut it apart to make these potholders.  The tiny squares that made up the pillow sham have some great colors and patterns on them.  They’re beautifully faded with age, making them soft and muted.   I also used the fabric that was on the back of the patchwork ( the pale blue with red flowers and swirls, a piece of it inspired my Hibernation Quilt) and a blue and white checkered piece of fabric that was between the front and back.  The hot pinks come from Jonne, scraps she had from a trip to….(oh now I can’t remember where, but someplace exotic).  The rest of the fabric, I  pulled from my collection.

Peace and Flower Potholders
Peace and Flower Potholders

These are my Peace and Flower Potholders.  Some of them have peace signs and they all have flowers.  The fabric comes from Mrs Pam (Remember Mrs. Pam’s Quilt, made from fabric that Mrs Pam, the preschool teacher, sent me. She makes dresses for girls who need them and I got her scarps, thank you Mrs. Pam) and from some of Lenore’s bandana’s, and a few pieces from my stash (their history, long forgotten).  Bright and cheery, juxtaposed by winters dark days.

All these potholders are $15 each + $5 shipping for 1 or 2 and $7 shipping for 3 or more in the US.   Shipping is slightly higher outside the US.  I take checks or can email a paypal invoice.   So if you see something you like, just email me at [email protected].

4 thoughts on “Lots of Patchwork Potholdes For Sale

  1. Hi Maria
    Your work is very nice. What size are the potholders, Are they machine washable and dryable or will
    the color run, How much are the potholders and how/where would I order them?
    Also, are just the potholders above for sale?


    1. Carol, the sizes vary a bit but these are mostly around 8″x8″. They have insulated batting and you can throw them in the washer and dryer. As I wrote in the post, the potholders are $15 each + shipping and all you have to do is email me and let me know how many you want. These are all I have for sale right now. Thanks for asking.

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