Anything But Soft And Subtle

todays potholdersI went into my studio this morning with the intention of making some soft and subtle potholders.  And this is what happened!

I can’t explain it, but soft and subtle just wasn’t happening.  Every time I tried, I’d find myself picking up some bright wildly patterned piece of fabric instead.  So I went with it.  I’ll hand these off to Kim tomorrow and sell them next week.   Maybe they’ll brighten up these short and dreary December days.

11 thoughts on “Anything But Soft And Subtle

  1. Gorgeous–they look Christmassy to me, with triangular shapes reminding me of fir trees.

    Two family members,visiting us over Thanksgiving, talked endlessly of the cushion of yours which I have.

  2. These are wonderful – festive and bright and so much fun! Roger and I hosted 3 international college students from Japan, Korea, and Lebanon for Thanksgiving this year. They spent a lot of their visit in the kitchen with me, helping me prepare our meal. I have several of your Minnie potholders as well as a couple of others hanging in the kitchen. The students were captivated by them and wanted to know who made them. They loved “Minnie and her hen friends”!

  3. These are beautiful. Things can get garish with too much brilliant color, but you’re too good an artist to let things get out of control.

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