Jon and Red Restore the Bond

Jon and Red with the "Restore the Bond" Blanket
Jon and Red with the “Restore the Bond” Blanket

Pamela came to the Carriage Horse rally in NYC yesterday with a  bag stuffed with Restore The Bond Blankets.  She told me she was so upset  that, her partner, Paul had to talk her down when she got the first batch and the colors were off.  She sent them back and had them try again.  The second time it came out right,  I can’t believe how accurate the colors are and how well all the detail came out.

Pamela also made me a sign to hold with the same image on it.  I loved being with  the  rest of the Carriage Horse Supporters, speaking my own truth through my art.

I got Jon to pose in front of the blanket to show the scale of it.  We might just have to hang one from our flagpole. The perfect symbol of showing the connection between humans and animals for Bedlam Farm.

Restore the Bond Fleece Blankets are for sale here. The money will help support the Blue Star Horse Sanctuary and Working Horses everywhere.

Pamela with her own sign at the rally.
Pamela with her own sign at the rally.

2 thoughts on “Jon and Red Restore the Bond

  1. Maria, I think you may have a good idea there with flying the horse flag and the symbolism connected with it. Now, how about suggesting that this design be placed onto some type flag material sustainable for flying outside in weather. Colours fade unfortunately, in the sun and weather. The Pan Am Horse events are being held in our area next year, 2015. Stadium and cross country, all close by our home here…at Caledon Equine Park and Will O’Wind Farm (X-country). I live in horse country. Hopefully, the mayor of New York City will end up with ‘street apples’ on his face.
    SandyP in Ontario, Canada

  2. These are wonderful pictures, Maria! I am so grateful that you and Jon are giving so much of yourselves for this cause. Your voices carry so much authority because of your internet presence. How blessed we all are that you are willing to stand up for truth. Annie

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