“Heart Fruit Tree” Pillow For Sale

Heart Fruit Tree Pillow

In my mind kept seeing one of my tree potholders on a pillow surrounded by lacey stuff.  I used to get ideas and talk myself out of them.  I would think them to death and they would die, right in my brain were they began.

At some point I learned, that besides the physical object taking form, there’s a difference between actually making something and just thinking about it.  And mostly, it’s that whenever I actually create something, it leads to something else.  The next idea or ideas.  And that’s partly because what ever I make is always different than what I imagined.  Not only does it look different than the picture in my head, but there’s always a surprise in the process of creating it.  In the practical part, in the sewing, how the fabric hangs or comes together, something I couldn’t know until I actually started sewing.

The way I pictured it,  the lace around the stitched tree was even and orderly.  But when I actually made the pillow I decided I wanted more of a collage look.  I wanted lots of texture and depth.  So I used Vintage lace and doilies, and eyelet.  Similar, yet also very different from each other.  To make the most of the texture, I laid them on a linen napkin then stitched straight lines at random, just enough to hold down the corners and edges.   The lace and doilies are not about being delicate and prim.  I was trying to get just the opposite feeling, almost like the rough bark of a tree.

The tree itself is stitched on a tea-stained Vintage Hankie.  I didn’t have an idea for it when I sat down at my sewing machine.  I just waited until I saw the “right” color for the outline in my head then went on from there. It turned out to be soft, but strong.  Colors and a tree to combat this dark wintery day.

Heart Fruit Tree Pillow is  SOLD for sale.  It’s about 18″ square and is  $95 + $10 shipping.   If  you’re interested in it, you can email me at [email protected].  I take checks and paypal.

11 thoughts on ““Heart Fruit Tree” Pillow For Sale

  1. That pillow is different, and very, very lovely Maria! It’s so exciting to see what you create when you give your art full rein!

    Thanks for sharing–

  2. Really lovely Maria, A very Victorian feel but not in a traditional way. I love how you describe the different textures of lace as reflective of tree bark. Yes!- wonderful.

  3. Dear Maria, I wish Ihad some other words than BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, WONDERFUL when I describe what both your fabric artistry and your written philosophy mean to me. But I can only say that this pillow and how you arrived at it are BEAUTIFUL! Annie

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