A Ghost in the Dining Room?

Jon's photo of me scraping wallpaper in the dining room.
Jon’s photo of me scraping wallpaper in the dining room.

See it?  That oval spot of light just behind me, almost in the center of the photo?  It’s a reflection right?  Maybe from the window or off the wall paper where it’s so shiny.

But it’s also unusual enough to catch my eye.  I’ve seen literally thousands of Jon’s photos and when there’s a sunspot or some kind of reflection, it has a particular look to it, usually round and often yellowish or colored like an oil slick.

So I asked Jon what he thought about it.  He said it was probably a refection, that the focus on his camera could be thrown off by certain lights.  Then he added, “But we are stirring up an old house.”

Of course, there’s no way for me to prove that this spot is some sort of spirit presence in our house (aka ghost) but there’s something about the way it looks and feels that makes me think it’s more than an reflection.

I’ve spent a lot of time in old buildings, “stirring things up” as Jon said.  And I’ve felt and seen many things I can’t explain.  And I’ve come to trust my feeling about them too.   So I’d say something shifted when we started pulling off the wallpaper or maybe something was released.   What do you think?

15 thoughts on “A Ghost in the Dining Room?

  1. Maria, I know it sounds odd to others but I do believe in energy and that when we die, our energy remains until we are ready to move on. My husband died when I was 34, our two children were 4 & 6. I felt his presence over the years and when I moved up to the country and began working in a health food store (late ’80s) one of our customers, one day, asked me if I’d lost someone in my life suddenly. He then lifted his hand upwards and said, was this person about this height? He’d reached about six feet. Yes, I said, my late husband. He said: “he’s still around you”. And it’s draining me having you check out my groceries. Hmmm….he said another time he’d come back and try to move this energy along but we never had the chance to do that. You can say what you want but there were times, not now, but years ago, when I would walk into a room and smell cigarette smoke. Both my husband and father were smokers. Both died within three months of each other. So, yes, in a sense, I believe energy of some sort can stay behind. I think whatever it is that you see in that picture is likely enjoying watching you and Jon restore that old house.
    SandyP, In Ontario, Canada

  2. I don’t think energy disappears, and I think the energy from people’s lives remains tucked away here on earth. I use to really believe in ghosts, but no so much now. I do think changes “kick” up this energy. When we pick up on something or see something we are picking up on that energy. When my family visited Gettysburg this fall, the area was heavy with that remaining energy – a sadness that lingered over everything like a fog. There is just so much that we don’t understand, so much that we can’t really know. It’s such an interesting topic, xo.

  3. Hi Maria, yes, it is something, not a ghost. To me it looks like a fast moving orb. Orbs are showing up in people’s photographs all over the world; they even have their own movie.

    ORBS: The Veil is Lifting
    Klaus & Gundi Heinemann, Miceal Ledwith, Joan Ocean, Hope & Randy Mead, Sergio Lub & James Gilliland JZ Knight

    Enjoy your trip down this rabbit hole, it’s fascinating.

  4. Maria – I’m sure it’s a ghost. I have experience with renovating an old house (the woman who lived here before us died at 102), and all sorts of things were kicked up when we started. My gut was it was her husband, and boy was he unhappy. Workman were getting scared to work here. After all sorts of nonsense, I had a good long talk with him – a few nights in a row. I explained that we loved the house, he had his turn, now it was my familiy’s turn, and we had to live in it our way. I also told him I didn’t mind him being around at first, but he was really pushing it with the things going on, and I wanted him to leave. He had to move on. I was really very stern. Well, it worked.
    Your “being” is simply checking out what’s going on; keeping an eye on things, I’ll bet. I’m sure you can feel the energy. With everything you’ve kindly shared, I have a feeling you are very in tune to this.
    And, you’re dining room looks great!!!

  5. We live in an old house, built in 1832. There is good energy all around us. I do believe that when we move objects around we stir up energy. Could be from moving wallpaper, could be from moving furniture. I love the feeling of clearing and moving energy in a space, it’s the soul of design. I see you do it with your quilts, moving and shifting the colors and fabrics in a piece. It’s so meditative.

    1. I hadn’t thought of my quilts in that way, but you’re right Nicole. And I love the shifting and moving of energy, like on it a really windy day, it stirs everything up, brings light to the dark corners.

  6. You are an intuitive person, and you’re instincts are probably correct. The late mistress of the house said she would never leave, right? Her energy is probably still hanging around. If so, hope she’s at peace.

    1. It’s possible Kristi that Florence is still around, although I always felt she was ready to go when she did. But then, we are removing the wallpaper that she put up, sooo…

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