Our Dining Room Glowing Like Sunshine

Our dining room wall.
Our dining room wall with old and new paint

I think I got the idea when my friend Mandy said she was painting her dining room yellow.  I think it was that, and the dreary short winter days which made me want to finally get rid of the old faded wallpaper in our dining room and, yes, paint it yellow.

Jon’s been wanting to brighten up that room since we moved in, but I just wasn’t into doing the work.  Then….suddenly….it’s all I can think about.

Knowing we can’t get it done in one weekend, we decided to do it one wall at a time.  So, today, we scraped the wallpaper (I love removing wallpaper, maybe because it’s immediate gratification, maybe it’s just so satisfying when those big sheets peel right off, or the excitement of going through the layers, not knowing what I’ll find) and painted one wall.  All we found under the wall paper was lumpy plaster, painted a blue-green, and some marks where there was once a picture or clothes rail and a built-in cabinet.

I never painted over such rough plaster before, usually we have someone put a skim coat over the walls to even them out.  But I found that I  really love the texture beneath the fresh coat of paint.  It speaks to the age and history of the house and gives the room even more character.

Four wall, four weekends and we should be done.  Having painted the one wall will inspire me to keep at it.  I want the whole room to glow like sunshine.

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