Patti Smith At The Vatican, Dealing with The Walker

I feel a little bit like Linus in A Charlie Brown Christmas, but then I had a blanket and sucked my thumb until I was ten, so I guess it makes sense.  Tonight I put Patti Smith between me and The Walker and came to understand Christmas in a new way.    I must have heard the song Oh Holy Night sung a million times in my life, but I’ve never heard it sung like this before.  Patti Smith makes it personal.  She’s warding off The Walker, singing the truth about darkness and hope.

14 thoughts on “Patti Smith At The Vatican, Dealing with The Walker

  1. Thank you so very much ! I didn’t know there was an English version of Minuit chrétiens. Patti Smith’s rendition is magnificent. I think The Huron Carol is good at keeping the Walker at bay, too.

  2. The most gorgeous version of this beautiful Christmas song I’ve ever heard, very moving. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thank you for introducing us to this wonderful performance…….yet another treasure that you have shared w/ us.

    May your holidays be joyful.


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