Cats, Living With A Mystery

Minnie and Flo
Minnie and Flo

It’s looks a little to me like Minnie and Flo are sleeping off a hangover.  And that they do this all the time, share a chair, that is, sleep so close to each other.  Well, they might do it, but not that I’ve ever seen.  I like to think on those cold nights, when they used to sleep out in the barn, that they would snuggle up together in the hay bales.   Seeing this makes me think they might have.

So, it’s nice to see that they sometimes come together, even if Flo is constantly stalking Minnie.  I see once again that I know little about their lives.   And they’re so different from each other.  Watching Flo I always get the feeling that she lives more in her sleeping world than in our world.  I mean, cats sleep more than they’re awake, so who’s to say our world is more real than their sleeping world.  Flo just doesn’t seem to be quite here.  She has this searching look about her, as if she’s always trying figure out what’s going on, like it’s always new.  Not that she doesn’t function really well in this world, but there’s often a look in her eye that makes me feel like she perceives what’s in front of her in a very different way than I do.  Like every time she “wakes up” she has to readjust her way of thinking and seeing, and relearn to navigate this new world in front of her.  There’s just something other worldly about her.

And Minnie is just the opposite.  Minnie seems to be grounded in this world.  There’s a rooted physicality about her.  Minnie is of the earth.  She talks a lot, demands attention and let you know what she wants.  She’s very direct and there’s no mistaking when she wants to eat, or go in the basement or outside, or up on the couch.  She plants her big body on the ground, looks you in the eye and meow’s in her loud and scratchy, cigarette voice.   And it’s all about those earthly pleasures and desires.

Maybe it’s easier for Minnie and Flo to come together in their sleeping world.   Maybe that’s how they connect.  I haven’t seen them share a chair since I took this picture a couple of weeks ago.  A part of me hopes it will happen again, and maybe Flo won’t feel as compelled to try and knock Minnie down every chance she gets.  But like I said, the more time I spend with the cats, the less I feel like I know about them and their lives away from me.  Guess that’s part of their appeal though, it’s like living with a mystery.

5 thoughts on “Cats, Living With A Mystery

  1. Hi Maria, that’s a lovely pic of the two of them!
    My husband is a ‘cat’ person and we’ve shared the lives and affections of 19 cats over the last 37 years. Now we only have one and she shares our house with 3 medium/large sized dogs. She has made peace with them over the past 7 years, and sometimes Gracie even sleeps next to them on their dog beds. She reminds me of this one cat character in a film about cats – the regal looking all white cat – who was the ringleader of the stray animals gang…and one of the dogs didn’t like the cat and challenged her right to make decisions and she looked at the dog and told him in a very husky voice: ‘cats rule’. So whenever Gracie approaches the dog bed to take her nap, the bigger dogs now move aside…she is 18 years old, who would have thought that this shy little cat would one day rule our household…?

  2. I love this picture! My cat is like Minnie, very much of the earth. My precious dog, Ellie, seemed very spiritual to me. When Ellie was still on the earth, Sheldon the Cat loved to irritate her in so many little ways, literally breaking her out of her reverie and bringing her back to earth! Annie

  3. To You and Jon,

    Many broken hearts today. Just know how we are so thankful for all your care and love for Simon.
    The story of Simon filled so many hearts. There are really no words to help you right now. Just
    know how kindly you are thought about.


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