Breaking Taboo’s in 2015

My first naked man.  I’m calling him  Adam

Well if I didn’t know a few days ago, I know now what I’m thinking about this new year.  And I got there through art and my blog and all of you who read my blog and buy my work and share your experiences.   Being able to do my work and write about it and getting feedback has been an everyday a gift to me.  I would not be experiencing this kind of personal and creative growth if I was showing my work in galleries.  I would not be writing and thinking about my life and work the way I get to here.  And I would never get to hear your stories and learn from your thoughts and ideas.

This year I’m going  to weed out those fears inside of me and shake loose those old taboos  and expose them to the light.  Where, like a vampire at dawn, they’ll shrivel up and die, or even better, burst into flames and extinguish in a puff of smoke.

I couldn’t have done if without everyone who reads my blog.  So thank you all. I hope your 2015 is peaceful and exciting, expansive and loving and creative!

15 thoughts on “Breaking Taboo’s in 2015

  1. Maria, Love how you captured the movement. Stream on…..and bless you for sharing. :P Truly a Happy New Year launches…..thank you !

  2. It is all reciprocal. I sure love seeing and owning your artwork! I have been particularly excited about the creation from the scraped wallpaper wall. Here’s to another wonderful year!

  3. These are great Maria, and be sure to make them with the penises of varying lengths. You have a wide audience with wide preferences! HA!

  4. Maria, you never fail to bring amusement to your blog…love the penis picture, it’s a riot. I’m with you, at art college the elevator used to stop at the third floor opposite the drawing studio and where nudes could often be found sitting or draped or standing…and me, well, like you, I’d politely turn my head the other way as I was walking to the design department. Frankly, a man’s body has never turned me on anyway…it’s their minds that do and that has gotten me into a peck or two of trouble at times…lol.
    And I agree…I’m going to try and alter my thinking somewhat this year…may not be successful…nothing about setting up a negative aura before I try, I just know me…but I hope to improve…that’s the best I can do.
    Sandy P, in Ont, Canada

    1. I know what you mean about the male body Sandy, I’ve always felt the same way. Something else to write about (thanks). Good luck with your new thinking, we’ll be doing it together.

  5. Dear Maria, I love your Adam and I love your penis potholders. You go girl! Thank you for sharing what you do with us. You are a delight. It is through you that I have learned of the quilters of Gee’s Bend and I am forever grateful. I went right to the library and checked out all of their books. Oh my, I love their way of quilting and their stories more than any other type of quilting. I now see where you get your inspiration for going “my way.” Happy New Year. I hope 2015 is the best one yet with many more to come. For you and Jon, cats and dogs, donkeys and chickens, farm and fabric, art and stories, etc. Thank you, Sheri

  6. WOW! MARIA, YOU NEVER DISAPPOINT! YOU ARE THE MOST ORIGINAL AND UNEMCUMBERED PERSON OR ARTIST I HAVE EVER HAD THE PRIVILEGE TO “KNOW”! Thanks for waking me up this morning!! I was at (literally) my fourth cup of coffee. MY EYES ARE OPEN NOW!! And I do love how you are able to face your fears and taboos and LAUGH! Raw Courage. Annie

  7. Oh Maria, you never fail to entertain, enlighten and inspire! I’m thoroughly enjoying your penis posts! Ha! I’d never have imagined ever typing/saying that. Most of all I’m enjoying reading the comments and realizing so many others say and feel the same as I do. Men’s bodies aren’t the attraction…it is the real part of him …his mind and personality that warms my biscuits! ;-). I believe 2015 is going to be an enlightening and exciting year. I always read your blog first! Thank you for sharing.

  8. I love your penis pot holders! And I couldn’t agree more with you. I’ll be shaking, rocking and rolling over all the taboos and fears right there with you this year. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you light and love in the new year.

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