Minnie The Barn Cat

Minnie in the barn
Minnie in the barn

If you didn’t know that Minnie only had three legs, you might not know at all.  She gets around pretty good more than a year after her surgery.  This morning she was sitting on the hay bales in the barn.  I got a video of her jumping down and running out of the barn.  She moves quick here, but she moves even quicker when food is involved.  You can see how she uses her tail for balance. You can see my  short video of Minnie  here.

3 thoughts on “Minnie The Barn Cat

  1. Precious Minnie! Thank you so much for taking such kind and compassionate care of her!
    Happy New Year to you All!
    From Fran

  2. Minnie is another sweet creature that you and Jon have assisted in living out their full number of days in joy, love, and purpose. This is a captivating photo. Annie

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