Heart Tree Potholders For Valentine’s Day

Open heart Tree
Open heart Tree

I’m making some Heart Tree Potholders Valentine’s Day.  It’s not something I often do, make potholders for a  specific holiday, but I got the idea and it just seemed right.  And I like Valentine’s Day, it’s about love after all and what better thing to celebrate.

I made a few this week and will be making more and selling them when they’re done.  I’m stitching them on tea-stained vintage hankies and they will be $23 each + shipping.  I’m charging a bit more for them because of the time and work that goes into the tea-staining as well as the detail on the trees.

With all that’s happened on the farm last week, it felt good to make these heart trees.  I’m taking lessons  from Lenore and putting some love out into the world.

Orange Heart Tree (I've got Florida on my mind)
Orange Heart Tree (I’ve got Florida on my mind)

6 thoughts on “Heart Tree Potholders For Valentine’s Day

  1. Curious question, what kind of machine are you using? I took a class in MA about 100 years ago on how to use my machine to free motion embroider. I really love the effect of the stitching over the drawn lines. It must be great to sell off what you do to make room for more creation.

    Have a great time in Florida!

  2. Maria, I will want 3 of the valentine potholders please. Try to keep me in mind and I will stay in touch with your website to see when they are ready for purchase.

    Have fun in Florida!

    Martha Crist

  3. Hi Maria–love both of your blogs and I love your art–it is very creative and original. These potholders done on vintage hankies reminded me that I have dozens of vintage hankies my aunt Ginny gave me that she saved for many years. She died a year ago at age 94. If you would like these hankies, I would love for you to have them. I do not know what to do with them but maybe you would and hopefully could turn them into some of your art. If you would like them, you can email me back and let me know your address and I will get them off to you. I am a rug hooker and have tried to figure out a way to incorporate them into my work but to no avail.

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