It’s A Small World, After All

It's a small world at Disney
“It’s a small world” at Disney

I put the 45 on my mother’s record player.  It was a portable one, in a wooden box and it sat on a table in our dining room.  I listened to that record over and over and just couldn’t believe how beautiful the music and words were.  It made me cry and moved me in a way I couldn’t understand, I was probably only five or six years old.

I was fourteen the first time I went on the ride It’s a Small World at Disney.  It was during a family vacation, we camped in St Cloud and spent one day at The Magic Kingdom.  I don’t remember much of it, but I was disdainful of the ride.  I know it was because of my age, I was already cynical by then.

But as an adult I fell in love with the ride.  I found it magical, like being transported into a wonderful children’s book.  I was in the page with the illustrations and they were bigger than life.

It’s a Small World is still my favorite ride.  I love the big colorful shapes the movement and the music. I love that it looks like its made from  giant cardboard cutouts.  It’s far from slick. But it still has feeling for me.

This is the first time I’ve taken pictures during the ride.  I liked getting them, but I want to go on it again.  This time I’ll leave my iphone in my bag, I want to be able to just experience  the ride, plant myself on the pages of that book for a little while.

(Click here for a short video of It’s a Small World)

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  1. That is my favorite one, too. I remember seeing it on The Wonderful World of Disney when it was first introduced. I love the song and sentiments and colorful images of the ride. Thanks for sharing it!

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