Heart Tree Potholders For Your Valentine

Two Hearts Tree
Two Hearts Tree Sold

As much at I enjoyed being away, I so loved coming home.  Walking into my studio this morning was like breath to my heart.

And I got right to it.  When I left, I piled up the tea-stained Vintage Hankies on my ironing board so they’d be ready for me when I got back.  And there they were waiting for me this morning.  The trees flowed out of me like it was the first time I ever made them.  It felt so good to be at my sewing machine again.  Vacations are good for creativity.

By the end of the day I made 10 Heart Tree Potholders.   I’ll get them over to Kim’s tomorrow and have them back next week, ready to ship in time for Valentine’s Day.

My Heart Tree Potholders are $23 each + $5 shipping for 1 -2 and $7 shipping for 3 or more.  (Shipping is slightly more outside the US).  These potholders are a bit more because of the time  it takes to tea-stain the hankies and because of the detail on the trees.

If you see any you like, just email me here at [email protected]. I take checks or can email you a paypal invoice.

Big Heart Tree
Big Heart Tree Sold
Heart Leaf Tree
Heart Leaf Tree (oops this one has some loose threads in the photo) Sold
Palm Heart Tree
Palm Heart Tree (direct vacation influence in this one) Sold
Lilac Heart Tree
Lilac Heart Tree Sold
Spiral Heart Tree
Spiral Heart Tree Sold
Weeping Heart Tree
Weeping Heart Tree Sold
Wisdom Heart Tree
Wisdom Heart Tree Sold
You're My Heart Tree
You’re My Heart Tree Sold
Flying Heart Tree
Flying Heart Tree Sold
Orange Heart Tree
Orange Heart Tree Sold

One thought on “Heart Tree Potholders For Your Valentine

  1. These are so lovely!! And each one is unique, beautiful color combinations. I am so glad that you Loved coming home and going to your studio was “like breath to your heart”. Sure shows in these heart trees! Annie

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