A New Forest of Heart Tree Potholders for Valentine’s Day

Apple Heart Tree (after our apple tree)
Apple Heart Tree (after our apple tree at the farm)

Kim called this afternoon, telling me she had my Heart Tree Potholders all done.  These are the ones I made last week, before our trip to Disney.   I only have one still available from yesterdays batch of Heart Trees Potholders.

Now I have eight new Heart Tree Potholders for sale.  I stitched them all  on tea-stained Vintage Hankies.  Some of the hankies are shear, so I put a piece of fabric behind them.  That fabric has barely visible pine trees and red cardinals on it, which can be seen through the hankies. I liked the way it gave the trees a background.

Each potholder is $23 +$5 shipping for 1-2 and $7 shipping for 3 or more. (shipping is a bit more outside the US).  If you see a tree for you or your Valentine, just email me here  at [email protected].  I take checks or can email you a paypal invoice.

Blue Heart Tree
Blue Heart Tree Sold
Heart Center Tree
Heart Center Tree Sold
Heart Leaf Tree II
Heart Leaf Tree II  Sold
Orange Heart Tree II
Orange Heart Tree II Sold
Sweet Heart Tree
Sweet Heart Tree Sold
Weeping Heart Tree II
Weeping Heart Tree II Sold


Wisdom Heart Tree II
Wisdom Heart Tree II

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