Wearable Earth Jewelry by Kathleen Nohe

Wrapped Stone Necklace by Kathleen Nohe
Wrapped Stone Necklace by Kathleen Nohe

I’m really excited.  At our last Open House I sold Kathleen’s Nohe’s wrapped stone necklaces.  At that point she had sold a few of them but it was mostly a hobby for her.  When she sold out of the necklaces she made for the Open House she decided to take her work more seriously.

Now Kathleen has a website where she’s selling her art.  It’s called Wearable Earth Jewelry and she has necklaces and earrings for sale.  You can also custom order jewelry.  The stones all contain different healing energies so you can choose what’s right for you.

So if you are one of the people who missed out on getting one of Kathleen’s necklaces during the Open House, or if you’re just curious, click here to  take a look at Kathleen’s new website.  Her blog isn’t up yet, but soon she’s going to be writing about her work and the stones she uses as well as selling them.

This is  exciting for me because it’s   just what I had hoped would happen when we first thought of having our Bedlam Farm Open House’s.  They were intended to show and sell  the work of unknown artists.  To inspire and encourage.  Now I’m inspired by Kathleen and her work.


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    1. Thanks BArbara, I’m so glad she’s getting her work out there. I think it’s good for everyone! And I know I wear mine alot. I just bought a pair of her earrings.

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