“HERS” A new wall hanging


This one has me stumped.  I don’t know what it’s  about.  I just know I really needed to get into my studio and do some work this morning.  Feeling physically crappy from having the flu is one thing, but I think it also threw me off emotionally.  It’s like my skin is paper thin and my emotions are hovering just beneath it.  I’m raw and weepy, irritable and tense, indecisive and scattered.

Doing my work grounds me.  Creating brings me back to myself.

This morning, laying in bed, I saw a bottle with a heart in it, a hand and a donkey.

In my studio I went looking for the linen to put them on.  When I saw the hand towel that someone had embroidered “HERS” onto, I pulled it out of the pile.  I still can’t say why it was the right one, just that it is.

I have a feeling this piece is mostly done.    If I add anything else,  it will be some beads and/or a border.

Big snow storm coming tomorrow, but luckily that won’t keep me from getting to work since it’s just a short shoveled path to my studio.   I know I’m going to want to get back to this tomorrow.  Just writing the words, beads and border got my mind going in a good way.   It brings my scattered mind to focus and cradles my emotions safely inside of me.

One thought on ““HERS” A new wall hanging

  1. Oh! Maria, it’s wonderful. Do you think you’ll be keeping it or selling it? When you know, if you decide to sell it, I’d be interested in buying it, if it isn’t already taken or if you don’t have someone else in mind for it. Thanks! PS – we live just outside Boston, and we are snowed in too.

    I hope you and Jon are feeling better every day.


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