HERS-Borders no Beads


I finished HERS this afternoon.  No beads, but a border.  The gold lace around the edge of the border is a hand crocheted metalic lace.

I’m still not exactly sure what this piece is about, but I think it may have to do with the absence of Simon in the pasture.   Simon used to dominate the pasture, and without him, it’s been taken over by Fanny and Lulu.  Fanny brays now,  almost every morning and even Lulu is starting to make some noise.   I don’t remember them doing this before Simon.    So, maybe, in a way, it’s about the switch from a male dominated pasture to a female one.

But it’s also about me coming back to my studio after all that’s happened here in the past few weeks.   About adjusting to the new reality on the farm.  Which is one without Simon and Lenore.

HERS is sold.

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