Someone’s Dress


After putting down my Low Moon, I went looking through my studio for inspiration.

I found this homemade kids dress in a box at the Knight’s of Columbus Garage Sale in Cambridge a couple of years ago.  It has to be from the early 70’s.  It’s been sitting on my shelf in my studio since then.  All those happy squares got to me and I thought I’d try and make the dress into a quilt.

Once again I got to a certain point and didn’t know what to do next.  I trust it’ll come to me after the weekend.

dress quilt

2 thoughts on “Someone’s Dress

  1. You are so talented Maria…I just love your site and your blog…and I really enjoy seeing all the great beautiful things you create.

    I am so glad you could get away to Disney and warm up for awhile…we had to cancel our trip to Florida since we both ended up in the hosp for four days with that darn Flu Viru and pneumonia and bronchitis…but are slowly recovering…I broke a rib coughing and its very painful…oh well could have been worse I guess. 🙂
    Hugs, Julie

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