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  1. Maria, my guess is too much attention might put you into overload, don’t know….too much of anything is too much for me. Producing creative work, it is the process, not always the end result that matters to me. If the work turns out well, it’s all I could hope for but once it’s done I move on to other things. I see Jon featured prominently in this illustration…or not. And you standing tippy-toe on the end of the seesaw, a balancing act in motion. The snake is a new feature, blowing hearts out of its mouth, it must be a friendly snake. It’s fun to see what comes out at the end of your pencil, from your mind…and it may not figure out at all..
    SandyP, in the midst of a big dump of snow just north of Toronto.

  2. Maria ~ your art is lovely and inspiring. This piece caught my attention in an unusual way. I am touched by the way you and Jon seem to balance each other; however, he seems to be comfortable with his spot and you appear to be a little apprehensive in the drawing. Could you be hovering just a bit? Both of you always seem to be watching out for the other one, which is so refreshing to encounter. Well done and please continue your beautiful artwork!

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