Announcing The Next Bedlam Farm Open House: June 27th and 28th

Jon and Red herding sheep at last October's Bedlam Farm Open House
Jon and Red herding sheep at last October’s Bedlam Farm Open House

It’s snowing outside and I’m thinking of June.  Specifically the next Bedlam Farm Open House.  It gets me all warm imagining it.  Might even be so warm I’ll need the air conditioner in my School House Gallery.  (right now my toes are screaming NO AIR CONDITIONER!! WOODSTOVE!! they have no imagination)

But back to June, blue skies, sunshine and plenty of green grass for Jon and Red to herd the sheep on.  I’m still waiting to hear back from some of my artists but there will be art and Poetry.  By then we’ll have Mary Kelloggs  new poetry book, How To Dance, published and I’ve invited a few other poets to read their poems and sell their books as well.

Kim McMillan will be there with her felted purses and Rachel Barlow will have her drawings.  (rumor has it that she’s making some of her cartoons into magnets and mugs)  And of course I’ll have some of my work and some of Jon’s work as well.  There’s more too and I’ll let you know about them as soon as I do.

So plan now to come to our next Bedlam Farm Open House Saturday and Sunday June 27th and 28th.   Meet the donkeys Lulu and Fanny, watch Deb the lamb confront Red while he herds the sheep.  I know the chickens will be out and about pecking around and Flo is sure to find her way into many laps.  Frieda might even make an appearance.  Hear some poetry and see some art.  Have lunch at the Round House Cafe and  visit Battenkill Books in our sweet upstate NY town of Cambridge.  Click here for places to stay and things to do during your visit.

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