Donna Wynbrandt – Outsider Art

By Donna Wynbrandt
By Donna Wynbrandt

When Jon’s play, Last Day of Mapleview Farm, was at Hubbard Hall a few weeks ago, he invited our friends  George Fross and Donna Wynbrandt to come see it.  To thank Jon and me for the tickets, Donna did this  painting and sent it to us in the mail.  She so captured the essence of the play in this piece.  And I love that she made the cow, an invisible and yet very important character in the play, real.

Donna has a show coming up in Salem NY this March. And she’s been getting ready for it and writing about it on her new website  Donna Wynbrandt Outsider Art.   I’m looking forward to seeing her new work.

Donna even makes and draws on her envelopes.  It's always a pleasure to get mail from Donna.
Even Donna’s envelopes are art.


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  1. I love this piece and the envelope. We had such a nice time at George’s gallery with them both a year ago. The talent in that small gallery was palpable and they are both delights! I have a small Donna piece in my kitchen I really love it. 🙂

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