Quilts for Sarah: “Bears and Gators”

Bears and Gators
Bears and Gators

I finished the front of the first quilt for Sarah today.  I’m calling it Bears and Gators, because of the Chicago Bears and Florida Gators Tshirts I used in it.  It’s a full size quilt as they all will be.  As you can see it’s too big for my wall.

I didn’t want to introduce any new colors to the quilt and by the time I got to the outer edge, I had run out of the colors I was using.  So I took a bunch of the scraps and sewed them together, in the true tradition of quilt making.

I haven’t made a quilt using so many solid colors in a long time.  I do love how the edge of one color looks up against the edge of another color and how straight forward it is.  And I think I figured out how to use the white too.  It’s no more bold than the rest of the colors.

6 thoughts on “Quilts for Sarah: “Bears and Gators”

  1. Like Lynne in a previous post about this quilt, I know nothing about quilting (or art) but I know what I like when I see it and I really like this quilt. What a treasure for Sarah and family!

  2. Really like it Maria. Your quilts all have their distinct personalities as does this one. The geometrical structures work well together and the way you incorporated that white works- as you said, white can be a harsh element but you rocked it.

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