“How To Dance”, Mary Kellogg’s New Poetry Book

Sara Kelly at the Round House Cafe
Sara Kelly at the Round House Cafe looking through Mary’s last poetry book” Whistling Woman”.

Sara asked me if I wanted to meet her at her office or at the Round House Cafe.  Oh the Cafe, I messaged her back, any excuse for a cup of tea and muffin at the Round House.

I brought her a folder with copies of Mary Kellogg’s Poems.  A few years ago Mary got fed up with her computer and went back to writing her poems on her typewriter.  I couldn’t figure out how to use our scanner, so Sara and I were doing this the old fashioned way.  Sara Kelly, of Sara Kelly Design,  is the woman to go to in Cambridge if you need anything from business cards to typesetting a book.   And this morning we figured out that for the same price as I was originally quoted, we could have some of Jon’s black and white photo’s in the book too.

So it’s begun the publishing of Mary Kellogg’s third book of poetry.  This one is called “How to dance” and we’ll have it ready to sell by the June Open House, if not sooner.

Besides getting Mary’s book together, I also invited Sara to be in either this October or next June’s Open House.  Because as well as doing graphic designer, Sara is also a painter.  She works in water-color and oils and her paintings of nature and animals are spiritual and uplifting, just right for Bedlam Farm.  You can see some of them here on her facebook page.

To help celebrate Mary’s new book, we’re having a bit of a poetry festival at this June’s Open House.  We will have three other poets there and each one of them is having a new book published which they’ll be reading from and selling.   The other poets are Doug Anderson, Tom Atkins and Kate Rantilla.  You can see more about them and the rest of the June 2015 Bedlam Farm Open House here.


4 thoughts on ““How To Dance”, Mary Kellogg’s New Poetry Book

  1. Congrats to Mary for her new book of poetry and to your and Sara’s efforts to bring it to birth. The midwives of poetry and creativity.

  2. Thank you, Maria, so much, for putting up your picture of Sara Kelly. I collect pictures of women reading, all the way back to a Dutch painter called Pieter Janssens (born 1623), and they are all scattered on the shelves and walls around my bookcases. The two I love best are photographs of my Mum and my Gran, of course, but your picture of Sara reminds me very strongly of those. I have snaffled it from your site (hope you don’t mind) and put it in a folder called “Women Reading,” and it will alternate with photos of royal ladies wearing “Tiaras,” (don’t ask!) and photos from “Bedlam Farm.” Cheers from an extremely cold and sunny Toronto — we just crept up from minus 6 to zero on the Fahrenheit scale! Marion

    1. Well it’s an honor to have one of my photos in your Women Reading file. And won’t Sara be surprised! It sounds like a lovely collection. Try to stay warm!

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