Kim McMillan’s New Purses

By Kim McMillan
By Kim McMillan

Last night as we sat in the Bog having dinner, Kim reached into her coat pocket and said she had something for me.  She handed me a small wrapped package.  Inside was a blue bird on a branch, blue leaves and a matching blue button all hand stitched on a felted purse.

I love to look at it as much as I love the way it feels.  And that long legged bird has personality.  Kim told me when she finished the stitching she realized it needed a button and she found the perfect one in her collection.

When I got home I switched my old purse for my new one.  A part of me hates to use it, I know I’ll eventually wear it out.  But even more I want to see it every time when I take out purse and show it off too.

I know this is the first of many for Kim.  I’m already begging her to make some for the June Bedlam Farm Open House.

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