Lisa Carrino, Art and Gingerbread

Valentine Cookie by Lisa Carrino,
Valentine Cookie by Lisa Carrino

Lisa Carrino, owner with her husband Scott, of the Round House Bakery and Cafe made me and Jon Valentine Cookies.  As you can see, Lisa added the penis from my potholders into my cookie.

But then Lisa is not a newcomer to nudity in her baking.  When she was in RISD in the 1970’s during the height of the Feminist Art Movement, she made a series of nudes from gingerbread dough.  She’s been making gingerbread since she’s a kid and it seemed a natural.   It’s different from erotic baking in that her nudes weren’t cookies but sculptures.  And that the nude women were not portrayed as objects, but the subjects of the art.  They also speak to the idea of “women’s work” and how art can evolve from it.

One thought on “Lisa Carrino, Art and Gingerbread

  1. I love this cookie!!! As one who loves to bake and eat goodies, this just hits the spot and tantalizes my brain. It is wonderful to have such talented friends. You are most fortunate in that respect. Perhaps respect is the key word. It is apparent that in your friendships there is great respect, give and take, and love.
    Happy President’s Day.

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