Wild Dog

wild dog moves on

Wild Dog
died during a snowstorm
how right is that

She left a piece of herself with me
something to carry
around in my gut

a certainty
a strength
a knowing

Possessed by Tiger
she handed off
her wildness

That place where we came together

Both of us now free
for whatever comes next


10 thoughts on “Wild Dog

  1. Maria
    Oh I am reading all about your beloved
    Freida from you and Jon, and I am so sorry for this great loss in your life, but know also that Frieda’s spirit is always in your heart. The photo is beautiful, as was your journey together.Thank you for sharing this intimate moment, and know we all share your grief and sorrow…..
    blessings, love and light……..

  2. I have been in this place in my life also, & it is hard. You will always have some of Frieda in your heart & “gut”. May you find comfort in knowing you gave her a good home & care. May your many pleasant memories heal this hurt. Sympathy & prayers. Mary Ann

    1. Thanks Deb, for that nice piece on your blog. I keep thinking of Wild Dog in Jon’s Book Rose in a Storm, who was based on Frieda. I want to read about Wild Dog again.

  3. Dear, Dear Maria, This is so achingly beautiful. I can’t thank you enough for sharing with us your intimacy with Frieda. I didn’t do the math to realize that you and Frieda had each other (part of the time ONLY each other) for 12 years. That is exactly how long I had the privilege of being with my Ellie. Sweet thankfulness mixed with the tears for what the two of you meant to each other…and to me. Love, Annie

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