Finding New Paths

sno shoe shadow

I  easily stepped over the fence in the back pasture, the snow up to its fourth of its six wires. I headed for the stream where Rocky used to drink.  Instead of walking over it in to the woods, I thought, If I were riding a pony, what path would I follow? 

I was trying to get to the wide paths in the woods behind our house without having to duck under trees and push my way through bushes.  Trying to find a path that a horse would be comfortable walking on. I’d have to cut some branches, maybe even some old barbed wire fencing. I know it will all be different in the spring and summer, but it’s a good time for exploring.  And it makes me think of spring and what it will bring.

2 thoughts on “Finding New Paths

  1. A poem to share with you both.

    I heard a bird sing
    In the dark of December.
    A magical thing
    And sweet to remember.

    We are nearer to Spring
    Than we were in September.
    I heard a bird sing
    In the dark of December.

    Oliver Herbert

    Take care of each other and I send my best thoughts to you from our very easy–but very cold–Winter here in Northern Delaware.

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