Sarah’s Quilt, The Back of “Bears and Gators”

back of bears and gators

I pieced together the back of Sarah’s  first quilt Bears and Gators, made from her sister-in-laws clothes.  Or some of her clothes.  I used two big pieces of fabric, the green and white plaid and the solid blue  from my collection.  The colors felt right to me.  Of Kim’s clothes, I used a skirt, a denim shirt and tan pants.

Now I’m tacking the quilt with a rust colored yarn.  It feels like the perfect work to be doing today.  Meditative and easy.

One thought on “Sarah’s Quilt, The Back of “Bears and Gators”

  1. Hi Maria
    I havent been on the Bedlam Farm site for a while, and I was shocked to hear about the passing of Frieda, Lenore and Simon, I truly enjoyed reading all the posts about them, my condolences to you and Jon, so so sorry for your losses. For some reason I can’t make comments on the FB page of Jons, I would have sent my message there.
    Kind regards and best wishes
    Angela from Australia xo

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