Sarah’s Quilts: Bleach Stain Clouds

The "clouds" on Kim's denim shirt.
The “clouds” on a strip of fabric from  Kim’s denim shirt.

I was tacking the back of Bears and Gators , the quilt I’m making for Sarah from Kim’s clothes, when I saw the clouds.

Often when I’m making a quilt from someone’s clothes,the old worn ones, the one’s I imagine are their favorites, sometimes also have stains on them.  It’s my decision whether to cut them out or let them be.

When I was choosing the fabric for the back of this quilt, I came across one of Kim’s denim shirts that I wanted to use.  The cotton fabric was right and the color was right, but it had bleach stains on it.  I decided to use it bleach stains and all.  But I didn’t think about it after that.   Then, when I was tacking the quilt, I saw the clouds, out of the corner of my eye.   They were on a five inch strip of fabric on the back of the quilt.  They were the bleach stains that I decided to use.   I didn’t notice them when I was sewing the back together, but now I could only see them as clouds.   A soft blue sky with puffy white clouds.

The Back of "Bears and Gators" tacked with a rust colored yarn.
The Back of “Bears and Gators” tacked with a rust colored yarn.
The front of "Bears and Gators" all done.
The front of “Bears and Gators” all done.

3 thoughts on “Sarah’s Quilts: Bleach Stain Clouds

  1. Hi Maria. I love the clouds – it looks just like it was intended to be clouds! I have a technical question about doing quilts. I have a number of wool sweaters that have holes in the elbows. If I can’t find someone to fix them I was thinking of making them into a quilt. I don’t want to throw them away – I love these sweaters and they have very good memories attached to them with regards to where I bought them. I’ve only ever made one quilt before and that was using cotton. Maybe bind the edges so they don’t unravel? Or I could even just sew the arms together, button and zip them up and stitch them to joining cotton pieces…..

    1. You can sew them to cotton Pat, or if your machine can handle it, to each other. I guess it depends on the sweater if you need to bind the edges. I haven’t ever done that. Good luck and have fun! Hope you’ll share it with us when you’re done.

  2. Thanks, Maria. First I’m going to give a serious effort to locating someone who might be able to repair them. It is funny, they each have a hole in ONE elbow! I must pay attention to how I sit 🙂

    I don’t have a sewing machine – gave it to my sister and it is a very old one got it when we first got married 32 years ago. I don’t think it has ever been serviced either 🙂 But it still runs – my sister and her husband made some curtains for their house with it. Nothing fancy but it worked. So first I’ll try to get them repaired and if that doesn’t work (even a leather elbow patch because they are still perfectly good sweaters) then I’ll go the other route. Been busy with my mosaic dog portraits and that takes up my spare time. Very very slow process for me….. Thank you for the helpful comments – I hadn’t thought aobut sewing them to cotton…..that would probably be the easiest thing to do. Thanks, Maria!

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