Sarah’s Quilts: The Third and Last One

The Third Quilt for Sarah
The Third Quilt for Sarah

I started the third quilt for Sarah today.  This is what I have so far.  I decided to cut some of the logos on the t-shirts in half or thirds depending on how wide a strip of fabric I wanted to use.  (you can see it on the red strips around the checkered center)  I like the way the words and pictures are less representational and almost become just a design.   I plan to do more of this, if it works, as I finish the quilt.

I am unusually tired tonight, think I’ll go to bed early and dream of what I’ll do next.

2 thoughts on “Sarah’s Quilts: The Third and Last One

  1. It’s always fascinating to read about your creative process.That’s a cool use of the logos. And all three quilts are so different from each other. How DO you do it…

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