Sarah’s Quilts: The Third One

The third quilt for Sarah (that’s afternoon sun shining on the bottom of the quilt, it warmed up my studio today so I didn’t need my slippers.)

I feel like I’m on a mission.  It’s to finish the quilts for Sarah.  And it’s happening, I put the backing and batting on the third quilt today.  Tomorrow I’m hoping to finish tacking it and then I’ll be able to send the three quilts off to Sarah and her husband.

I was glad to be able to use the black flowered fabric that was a skirt and blouse.  It’s organic lines soften all the straight edges and sold colors just a bit.

Making these three quilts has taught me a lot about sewing knits and stretchy materials to cottons and each other. I’ve gotten pretty good at it. On this quilt I found it’s easier to sew them together without pins.  Especially using my Viking sewing machine with its computerized tension adjustments.  It was made for quilts like these.  And now I won’t shy away from using knits anymore.  Knowing they’re easy to sew will open up more options when it comes to fabric for me.

Long days in the studio, working continuously on one piece, like I did today,  make me short on words.  I guess I  put all my energy into the quilt and have little left for much else.

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