Blue Ladder with a Blue Boat


I’ve been haunted by the image of a blue ladder with a boat above it that came to me in a dream a couple of weeks ago.  I knew I would make a wall hanging out of it and I started it today.  This is how far I got when I left the studio this evening.  I don’t know what, if anything, will come next besides sewing it all together.  I really don’t know much about it yet, but I have a feeling that as I continue to work on it, it will become at least a little more clear.


10 thoughts on “Blue Ladder with a Blue Boat

  1. This reminds me of a Canadian folk song we used to sing in Girl Scout camp:

    Land of the Silver Birch

    Land of the silver birch
    Home of the beaver
    Where still the mighty moose
    Wanders at will

    Blue lake and rocky shore
    I will return once more
    Boom diddy-ah da, boom diddy-ah da, boom diddy-ah da, eaa-aaa-aaa

    High on a rocky ledge
    I’ll build my wigwam
    Close to the water’s edge
    Silent and still


    My heart grows sick for thee
    Here in the low lands
    I will return to thee
    Hills of the north


  2. Maria, people ask, where does your inspiration come from. In my head, I say. Well, it comes from some visual image I’ve seen, something I’ve heard in the media, an experience, it’s sometimes hard to explain. The scary part is taking it from that initial inspiration that you have in your mind and translating it to paper, then to whatever medium you work in, in my case, cloth, as you do as well. Where are we going with it, will it work out, if not, can we save it, all that work and sometimes it doesn’t come across as we’d initially imagined it. In many ways, that’s half the fun of the adventure, working it out so that it does work out for us visually, matching as closely as we can our inspiration, not loosing its essence. It will be interesting to see where you go with this, Maria,
    SandyP in Canada

  3. Oh Maria – This is wonderful…. I love the confidence you have in simply letting your art “flow” and evolve. The symbolism is astonishing to me. There’s been so much change in your life as of late; the passing of Simon, Lenore, and sweet Frieda.
    What I see in your piece is transition. The boat is safety, sitting up above the choppy sea. You still have to climb (or are in the process of climbing) up to it. Even the girls jumping on the seesaw on the side of your piece shows vacillation and movement.
    Things are changing. Frieda watched over you so beautifully. Now you can climb to safety yourself. Isn’t life beautiful? And aren’t’ you fortunate to have had such a protector.

  4. My initial reaction was that the ladder and boat resembles a Japanese torii gate which marks the transition from the profane to the sacred. Your dreaming brain is such a gift.

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