Common Thread Give-a-way: Win a “Restore The Bond” Blanket

Restore the Bond Blanket
“Restore the Bond”  Fleece Blanket

In this month’s Common Thread Give-a-way I’m giving away one of my “Restore The Bond” fleece blankets.

I originally made this wall hanging for  Pamela at Blue Star Equiculture.  She wanted a new logo for her Working Horse Rescue Farm and knew that it needed to have a horse in it, a person and Blue Star.  I came up with the design that you see inside the butterflies.  When Pamela made the piece into a blanket she took the pattern of butterflies from the back and surrounded the image with them.

This piece has come to represent more than just a logo for Blue Star.  For Pamela it became a symbol of the ancient bond between horses and humans.  I came to this idea in my own way, first when I marveled at the way the NYC Carriage Horses behaved with the people who work with and care for them, then when I went to Visit Blue Star Equiculture and fell for a Percheron named Piper.  It was with Piper that I felt the connection I witnessed in New York.

And soon, I’m going to be embarking on another horse adventure when I start taking riding lesson with Eli Norman.  She has a pony named Chloe that she thinks might suit me.  Chloe is a lot smaller than Piper and  I’m looking forward to getting to know her.

So this wall hanging has taken on lots of meaning for me, more than I ever imagined.  If it appeals to you, or someone you know, and you’d like to try to win it in the Common Thread Give-a-way, just leave a comment on my blog.  I’ll  announce  the winner on Thursday  morning.

In case you’re not familiar with the Common Thread Give-a-way it happens the first Monday of every month.  On that day one of our  regular artists (Rachel Barlow, Jane McMillen, Kim Gifford and Jon Katz)  give one of their creations away.    So check out their blogs and see what you might win one Monday in the Common Thread Give-a-way.




104 thoughts on “Common Thread Give-a-way: Win a “Restore The Bond” Blanket

  1. I love the the fleece horse blanket. It’s looks like the way I felt after we quit dairy farming. I missed the cows so much but filled that emptiness with horses. We now trail ride and have a team with a covered wagon. Love them all!

  2. I loved this the first time you shared it with us. I would be honored to be able to win this beautiful design. Thanks to all you wonderful artists for the give-a-way!

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