Sue and her Endless Winter Potholder

Sue and her Endless Winter Potholder
Sue and her Endless Winter Potholder

Sue sent me this picture of her with her Endless Winter Potholder.   I don’t think it gets more cheerful, between Sue’s smile, the daffodil behind her and the colors in the potholder.  Sue owns a florist in Tennessee and in her emails to me she  sent pictures of spring flowers.  The one below is in her kitchen with a full moon on a ceramic tray and tulips.  It’s doesn’t get any warmer than that.  I’m hoping she  didn’t get any of that snow where she is.  But if she did, I’ll send these flowers right back to her.

sue 's flowers

2 thoughts on “Sue and her Endless Winter Potholder

  1. So glad that you enjoyed these images,Maria. Thanks for sharing them
    The orchid plant in the background is a greenhouse plant, but the daffodils and crocus and even forsythia are starting to bloom outside! The spring peepers, our little frog harbingers of spring, are singing up a storm. We are in the Appalachians of Northeast Tennessee, so although we are much further south than you are, we do get some heavy winter weather. We had several snows of several inches, though icy rain mixes can be the biggest challenge. We had several mornings with below zero temperatures (-12 one morning). 30 years ago we had one night that hit -21 degrees and had frost creeping up the inside of the door, but that was a record. I’m so glad that you’re also starting to feel spring coming. Yay!

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