Jon Makes A Friend At Blue Star Equiculture

Jon and Tommy
Jon and Tommy

Jon made a friend at Blue Star Equiculture when we visited Pamela and Paul and all the horses today.  Tommy, wouldn’t leave Jon alone.  Pamela told me she wasn’t surprised, Tommy, she said is a quiet troublemaker, just like Jon.

Piper, the Percheron remembered me and we spent some time together.  I also got to know Luna a bit.  She seemed to enjoy getting scratched under the chin.

I’m a bit overwhelmed by the day.  I have stories and images swimming through me.  I feel like the only thing that will sort them out is sleep.

Click here to see a video of the horses exercising in the snow, that I put up on facebook.


2 thoughts on “Jon Makes A Friend At Blue Star Equiculture

  1. Maria, I wonder if the reason many artists often keep to themselves is because they can be so easily overstimulated with images and emotions such as in your experience yesterday. In another week I will have returning guests to my B&B overnight on Friday, the 20th of March. They breed draft horses. Saturday the 21st is the annual draft horse sale here at the Orangeville Agricultural Centre. The first time I went to watch the sale, I cried. I had to leave. I still can’t watch it for some reason…watching those beautiful and powerful animals being run back and forth on a lunge like a participant in a beauty pageant for whoever will bid the highest for it. I cried, I guess, because it looked cruel to me in a sense to flog a horse for sale and yet, the Mennonites in Southern Ontario flock to this annual sale because they use these animals for farming still. I spoke to the owner of one of the horses on sale and who was my B&B guest, she said she understood how I felt. It overwhelmed me, the emotions I felt for such athletically beautiful animals being sold at auction and not knowing where they were going. She assured me that most times they check out the farm the horses are going to and how they will be used. There is something about a draft horse that speaks to me, as well. I understand how you both feel, not sure I can put it into words. Take time to process.
    Sandy P in Canada

  2. Honestly,Maria, if I were there yesterday at Blue Star with you I’d have begged Pam to put a saddle on Piper and gotten up for a ride, bad hips be damned … I so hope you find a horse you love and and learn to ride, what pleasure awaits you if you do …..

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