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Yesterday when we visited Blue Star Equiculture, I gave Pamela and Paul my quilt Labyrinth as a wedding gift.  We were outside and Pamela and Paul held it up and looked at it and either Paul or Jon said something about hanging it on the wall.   But Pamela took the quilt and wrapped it around her.  Standing there in the snow she looked like a goddess draped in a sacred robe.  “No,” she said, this is how you honor it, you wrap yourself in it.”

What  a difference I thought from the way I was taught to look at art. As something you hang on the wall or put under glass, something you don’t touch, which is intentionally separate from the viewer.    It’s one of the things I love about my potholders and quilts, even my wallhanging which, hanging in your house you can touch anytime you want, feel the texture of the fabric and stitches.  It’s art you live with and work with  and wrap yourself in.

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  1. I am sitting on one of your quilts as I read this post! (The one you named Spanish Moss). :)) Have a wonderful week, Maria! LT

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