Hens and Sunshine, Out My Studio Window

hens ioutside my window

This is the first time I’ve seen the hens out my studio window in months.  It was forty degrees here today and things are melting.  As the hens figured out, they could see the ground. They didn’t stay long, but between the sunshine, blue skies and the hens scratching in the frozen earth, I feel like spring will actually come at some point, something I was beginning to doubt.

2 thoughts on “Hens and Sunshine, Out My Studio Window

  1. Yes, spring is teasing us, Maria, it feels good. I love winter, the quiet peacefulness of the country, the silence at night when you can here the wind whispering or thundering through the trees, the stark beauty that appears to be achromatic but really is not…but it’s like coming out the other side of a battle sometimes when the sun shines, the temperatures warm up, icicles melt, dirt appears through the layers of ice and snow. It’s like we’ve worked through another battle and come out the other side. I’m surprised your hens would come out at all with snow on the ground, mine never did. As Jon is noting, the light is changing, something is happening.
    SandyP in Canada

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