No Sweaters for my Gourmet Chickens

The hen's new favorite hang out in the barn
The hen’s new favorite hang out in the barn

I didn’t buy the squid for the hens, it was left over from a few nights ago, so I thought I would  at least try to see if they would eat it.  I knew if I cut it up in long strips, so it looked like worms or spaghetti, there was a better chance  they’d eat it.

So I gave some to the cats, who were reluctant at first, but then got into it and brought the rest out to the hens.  I have this black plastic tray left from some takeout meal that I use for their food, so it put it on the ground with the cut up squid and watched.  To my disappointment, they pecked a but quickly lost interest.

So, I tricked them, I picked up the tray and started tossing long slimy stringy bit of squid in front of them.  Suddenly they were interested.  One at a time I threw pieces on the ground,  making them think it was something special, something that could stop at any moment, so you better hurry up and eat as much as you can…..

And they did till there were only the tentacles left.  Then they lost interest. But by then I had enough too.  (I mean that prairie woman didn’t throw the cracked corn one piece at a time, did she?)  I threw the rest in the garbage (no compost pile or pig yet) and felt pretty good about it all.

Jon teased me about it a bit, but I have my limits even if they’re different from his.  It’s left overs only for the chickens, I won’t be cooking them meals or anything  and I guarantee,  you’ll never see my hens wearing sweaters.

Someone else's hen wearing a sweater
Someone else’s hen wearing a sweater

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