I Opened My heart And White Horse walked In

White Horse
White Horse

Last night I had a dream that I opened my front door and there was a big  beautiful white horse standing on my porch.  I invited her in and she came, right into my house.

Before going to bed, I was thinking about something I heard my donkey Fanny say to me a couple of weeks ago.  Jon and I were going to visit Pamela and Paul and the horses at Blue Star Equiculture and that morning while brushing Fanny, I silently told her and Lulu that we were going to see the big horses.  Immediately I heard the words: same thing.  And I knew what she meant.  That big horses or small donkeys, the connection between us is all the same.  I thought she had some attitude about it, like, just because they’re bigger doesn’t mean they’re better.   But that may have come more from me than her.  Although I can’t be sure, Fanny has a lot of attitude.

This piece is a combination of my dream and my exchange with Fanny.  First I drew some horses and donkeys on the vintage napkin with permanent marker.  I was trying to get a dream-like feeling, with layering and images that fade, come in to focus and disappear.  Then I stitched over the marker,  trying not to pay attention to it and let it work it’s magic.  I was also thinking of the cave drawing, and the drawing I’ve been doing on my studio door with the burnt matches.

I’m not sure what the white horse represented in my dream.  She was beautiful and wild looking but it felt natural for her to be in my house.  Perhaps it’s as simple as me opening myself up to having a horse. An affirmation.

My wall hanging White Horse is Sold for sale.  It measures about  17″ x 19″ and is $125 + $8 Shipping.  If you’re interested in it, you can email me here at [email protected].  I take checks and paypal

detail of "White Horse"
detail from “White Horse”
another detail
another detail


5 thoughts on “I Opened My heart And White Horse walked In

  1. This is beautiful Maria. It is so dreamlike, it seems to change as I look at it. To me the big white horse represents love. As we know we can let ourselves be loved only after we dare to open our hearts. Happy first day of Spring!, Cindy

  2. OH MARIA!, Your Wall Hanging and your words are so beautiful!! Ilove your senses into the world of animals and dreams. So much like an ancient culture when people took time to develop those senses rather than cut them off by watching boring old TV. Annie

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