Saving Simon Book Tour In Connecticut

Jon at the Russell Library in Connecticut Yesterday
Lenore ,when she was a puppy, on the screen behind Jon at the Russell Library in Connecticut yesterday.

So here we are again.  Jon and I traveling around on book tour.  A bit after Saving Simon was released, but the libraries are still asking for Jon to speak and so  we’re  in Connecticut for the weekend.

Gail from the Russell Library,  who arranged this whole thing, has become a email friend.  We talk books and she’s buying one of my crow potholders for a friend who, like the girl in the article, feeds the crows in her backyard and they bring her gifts.

But what a surprise it was when I sat down and behind Jon, who stood at the podium, was a huge screen with his photos projected on it.  Suddenly I was transported back in time as Frieda and Lenore popped up on the screen.  And there was Rocky, who brought us to the new Bedlam Farm and taught me  to love a pony. Rose and Izzy were chasing a ball and Mother, our barn cat looked at me through her green eyes.  There were even pictures of Old Bedlam Farm, nestled in the hill of Hebron, looking palatial.   I choked back  tears and tried to listen to what Jon was saying.  It was both sad as it was sweet to see.

This morning I slept late, while Jon took Red (he came with us this time) to the parking garage behind the hotel to do outruns.  It’s like a tiny vacation because there’s nothing to do in the hotel.  I’m going to spend the rest of the morning reading (Hausfrau by Jill Alexander Essbaum) until Jon’s talk this afternoon at the Cheshire Public Library.  Such luxury, gotta go, my book awaits me…….

7 thoughts on “Saving Simon Book Tour In Connecticut

  1. Sounds like a wonderful visit, Maria… as a newly “retired” person, I’m having trouble “allowing myself” to spend a morning reading a book… (so much I SHOULD be doing… cleaning closets, doing laundry, etc. etc…)… your post made me smile at myself and hopefully the message will sink in that it’s OK to slow down a bit. TY!

    1. Yes Anne, try it, I think it’s just about forming a new habit. All those chores will always be there, time for something new. And reading is so good for us, don’t you think. opens our minds and imaginations. I don’t think we can measure all it’s good effects.

  2. That’s what’s it’s always been about. All the characters on the farm and how you and Jon relate and interpret your relationships with them. How apropos for them all to be projected here.

  3. Responding to Anne: I can so relate. I am newly “retired” as well, and having a hard time letting go of all the Shoulds and allowing myself to sit and read in the middle of the day. It’s an adjustment that I’m slowly finding my way through.

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