Chloe’s Person

Chloe with her  donkey friends
Chloe with her donkey friends

When I got to Thornwood Farm today, Chloe was outside with her donkey friends.   And I used to know two of those donkeys very well, they were Jon’s donkeys, Jeannette and Jesus.  I don’t think they remembered me, but they did try and get in my pocket where the carrots were.  Everyone got a hunk of carrot before I clipped a lead rope onto Chloe’s harness and led her into the barn.

It’s only my second time visiting and working with Chloe, but I already feel like she’s my pony.  Or as Eli said, I’m her person. But it’s really both of those, I guess it has to be to work.  Not only did I feel like she remembered me today, but I feel like we’ve known each other for much longer than just the three hours we’ve spent together.

The last time I was at Thornwood, Chloe was in a stall in the barn.  I opened the door and there were two ropes blocking the door way.  I’ve seen a single rope keep a draft horse in its stall so didn’t think anything of it until Chloe started to try and nose her way through it.  That’s when I stated to understand what people meant when they said ponies can be feisty.

She also likes a lot of attention.  And when she doesn’t get it, she lets you know.  She’s surrounded by these gorgeous, stately, giant horses.  They call attention to themselves just by being.  But Chloe is small (like me)  and  has to make some noise otherwise she’s easy to overlook.  I get the feeling she’s a lot like a donkey or a cat.  Independent, but wants what she wants, when she wants.

This works for me.  As much as I want an older mare, someone who is calm and gentle and will get along easily with Fanny and Lulu and the sheep, I like that she has spirit and a strong personality.  Actually, I’m beginning to think we have a lot in common.    I think I’ll make a good person for her.

Chloe with Eli and Ken.  She's trying to sneak a treat from Ken.
Chloe with Eli and Ken. She’s trying to sneak a treat from Ken.

5 thoughts on “Chloe’s Person

  1. I rode an appaloosa blue roan pony for two years. He was very pigheaded. He was a lot of fun, besides a lot of work. I am sure you will enjoy your mare as they are very sensitive to their human charges. I have also ridden a gaited mare mule. She was really great. She looked after me. She was a little moody at times.

  2. Maria, when we have a bond with an animal it’s wonderful but oftentimes a mystery as to why. Chloe is a beautiful colour, my favorite. And you know horses well enough to know how skittish they can be. I’m always amazed that a big animal like that can get skittish with something as small as a bird flying across their line of eyesight when they don’t expect it and off they go, sidestepping, huffing, “oh look what I saw, it’s not supposed to be there”, off the rider goes unless you’ve got a good seat and expect the unexpected. I miss the horses who used to pasture just outside my studio window but with Australian Shepherds here, herders like Red, I’m a bit relieved not to have the horses there tempting them into a no-brainer, look what we can chase now…just for the heck of it.
    SandyP in canada

  3. How fun to have a pony around. they are different than the donkeys, and different than the big horses too. Think 4 year old with a penchant for getting into things and NO is their favorite word! They can be sweet but will keep you on your toes. Dickens is the best word to describe pony mentality. Not to mention the wonderful smell of the end of their nose. Glad for you Maria.

  4. I’m so happy you and Chloe found each other. When I was a teenager I was very rebellious and angry and had very few friends. My father (a kind and sensitive man and a horseman himself when he was younger) bought me a horse. That horse saved my life, I am sure. I was at the barn where I boarded him every single day, unless I was sick. I talked to him, brushed him, schooled him, fed him and learned not to be so angry and such a pill. Horses and females are a magical combination, as you will discover. Enjoy every minute you spend with her.

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