Dangle my heart for all to See

Hold me close

A friend told me about  Beth Moon’s  book “Ancient Trees”.   It’s a magical thing filled with black and white photos of the world’s oldest trees.  And they have such spirit.  And I was inspired.

I kept thinking of some of the roots of the trees in the book.  I was thinking of sitting on Chloe and being rooted and grounded.  But some of the ancient oaks in the book, with their giant hollow trunks also got under my skin.

This was all I knew when I started the piece.  So I started drawing the tree and as I did, the words came to me.

I’ll finish it tomorrow.

Beth Moon's Book, "Ancient Trees"
Inspiration from Beth Moon’s Book, “Ancient Trees”


4 thoughts on “Dangle my heart for all to See

  1. What a beautiful piece! And, that is an amazing book. The 3rd photo down on the webpage is of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. I have a photo from the same viewpoint next to my bed and have used that image as an inspiration for a collage that I did. There is just something about trees. Thanks for sharing that.

  2. i was wondering what size is it? I was really struck by this one with the solitary tree but I love all the horse & tree ones too. Thank you so much for making your art & your art making process visible.

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