I Have a Quilt in Me

april quilt 1

I have to get in my studio, I told Jon yesterday,  I have quilt in me.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but it could feel it brewing.  I thought I might try to put the quilt together in a way similar to how I did the Crow Quilt.  Broken and segmented pieces. But that didn’t happen.  Instead I used some of the scraps I had laying on my table and started fitting them together.  I started by sewing together the piece in the middle with the polka dots and the green piece next to it with the pink spirals. Then the piece on top of it made up all those small rectangle. I got that in the mail with some other scraps of fabric, a tiger’s eye stone and a memorable story.

april quilt 2

I like using a mix of types of fabrics, some old and some new.

april quilt 3

The big  floral, greenish piece at the top and in the center came from Candy.  She gave me a bunch of fabric from a garage sale.  It had belonged to a quilter.  That floral green is faded in places and I love how the wear works in this quilt.  It looks used even though it isn’t. It was probably just folded up in front of a window, long enough to fade on the edges.

april quilt 4

I was looking for soft, with a few strong lines to set it off.

april quilt 5

When I look at I think, 1930’s.

april quilt 7a

This is where I stopped today.  That black strip on the top isn’t sewn on yet.  I’ll probably do a small dark strip on the right side too.  I’ll see how I feel about it in the morning.


5 thoughts on “I Have a Quilt in Me

  1. It does look 1930’s, but with HOPE sewn in, not the despair I think of in that era. I love your explanations of the methods you use in your fiber art work. Annie

  2. I love this one. The large piece of pink or red at one end was just the perfect piece, shape & color to set it off! Your work give much food for thought. Mary Ann

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