The Horses Came to Me

Jon put down his camera to brush Merlin
Jon put down his camera to brush Merlin.  He’s making a different kind of connection to the horses than usual.

I did not go looking for the horses, the horses came to me.   First they came to Jon, when they started speaking to him in the middle of the night and he started writing about the New York City Carriage Horses and the Mayor’s attempt to ban them.  They came to me in a different way.  Who knows, maybe they’ve been trying for years and I just couldn’t hear them.  But I know when I first started to listen.  It was with our donkey’s Lulu and Fanny.  And it was even before they were my donkeys.  Back then, they were Jon’s donkeys.  But it was with Lulu and Fanny, crouching down with them, putting my head near theirs, that I first felt what it was like to listen with my heart.

For a long time Jon would tell me that he could see us communicating in the photo’s he took of me and the donkeys.  I dismissed what he was saying until the day I felt it for myself. When the physical barriers between us dissolved and our energies met someplace in the middle, then flowed together with no separation.

That was the beginning and from then on, the horses kept coming at me in different ways.  But it was never quite right, or didn’t last long.

There was Rocky, the old blind pony who came with the new house when we moved in.  He was a spiritual passport,  introducing me to horses.  Then, someone I barely knew, gave me a free riding lesson.  But at the time, I decided I didn’t want to ride.  It was when I witnessed the connection between the people and the carriage  horses in New York City that I became interested in horses in a different way.  It was what I felt happening between them that made me want to know more. Maybe because I sensed that it was the same thing I was feeling with Fanny and Lulu.  Yet those horses were so big, they could knock me down with a swing of their heads if they wanted to,  but they didn’t.  They were actually easier for  people to work with than my small donkeys, who I can barely get to do anything they didn’t choose to do.   Then we met Pamela Rickenbach and started visiting the working horses at Blue Star.  I bonded with Piper, a giant Percheron and over time came to see that I really did want horses in my life.  But it wasn’t until our donkey Simon died that I was able to  make the commitment.   If Rocky was the passport, Simon ushered me through the door.   They seemed to know what I wanted, even if I didn’t  and they didn’t give up on me.

And now there’s Chloe, my own pony who will soon be coming to live at Bedlam Farm.  I’m loving my riding lessons with my new friend Eli.  I can’t wait to get to the point where I feel comfortable and confident enough for me and Chloe to be on our own.

Pamela told me that working with horses  can make us use both our right and left brain at the same time.  And when that happens it opens a spiritual passageway, right up through our chakras and connects us to the whole, the universe.  That makes sense to me.  I, strangely enough, used to feel that when I was weaving.  Working in that ancient rhythmic way with natural fibers. There were moments when I felt connected to something bigger than myself.

Maybe this is why the horses came to me.  Maybe for another reason.  But what ever it is, I’ve said yes.  And I’m ready to find out.

7 thoughts on “The Horses Came to Me

  1. I just shared a video on your FB page – do not know if you have seen this DVD yet – Playing with Magic – excellent

  2. Maria , I am so excited for you to have horses in your life. They are mystical , spiritual and majestic animals . As a child , I could never get enough of them . Born and raised in the city gave me limited access except for horse movies, tv shows. I am drawn to them like bugs to lites. I have owned several and have had so many adventures trail riding , parades and shows. Due to some medical issues I have had to stop riding .I live vicariously thru others. I so admire you and Jon for your love and care of animals . I wish you so much success with Chloe. My horse took me so many beautiful places I could have never walked. Best Wishes Always.

  3. I’ve been following your blog for a couple of years now.
    It’s so nice to see how you change and flow. I’m so happy you’ve found horses in this way, they are so healing in so many ways. Animals are such great teachers if we are willing to learn from them.

  4. Maria, I have had horses for over 30 years. I know the comfort and peace, from working with horses, to both parties. In times of hurt or anger I have actually gone out and just leaned on and spoken, or not, to my horse. They don’t judge, they enjoy your company. And seem to understand your feelings. A usually active horse will stand still and relax into you. In the end you feel calm and relieved.
    Years ago my husband got a retired NYC police horse. Wiggins had spent many years with New Yorks finest. According to his history he was retired due to a recurring ligament sprain. When he arrived at our place we had a non-responsive block of stone. No matter what we did for him it was like no one was there. I’m not used to caring for a horse who didn’t respond in some way. He ate and pooped and would only pee in his stall, from his training not to go in the street. Every day I would spend an hour watering down his poor swollen legs. And of course I might I was well have been washing the car. One day, about 3 weeks after he came I was holding the hose on his legs, by now I didn’t pay attention to him, just aimed the hose, looked off into space thinking about anything else when I felt something on my arm. I turned to see Wigg turn his head away. I resumed the hosing and again felt the touch on my arm. It was Wiggins licking my arm. It was his way of communicating that he knew what I had been doing for him. I couldn’t wait to tell my husband of Wiggins new response. That was the open door. While Wiggins was never as demonstrative as our other horses, he eventually relaxed and came to accept us. He carried my husband in Shrine parades with a dignity and beauty few have. We had him for about 10 years and were with him at the end.
    Maybe I admired him because he was harder to get to and the result was more gratifying than the easy horses.
    Enjoy your time with the hoofed friends you will both feel better for it.

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