Common Tread Give-a-way, Heart Chakra Necklace and Earrings by Kathleen Nohe

Kathleen's necklace and earrings
Kathleen’s Green Aventurine necklace and earrings

I got to know Kathleen when she send me a few of her wrapped stones in the mail.  I immediately loved their elegant simplicity.  So I asked her to be on our Open House, where she sold out her necklaces.  Since then Kathleen started also making earring and started a  website.  She’s been interested in stones since she was a kid and has learned all about their healing powers, both physical and emotional.

So we asked Kathleen to be a part of our Common Thread Give-a-way.  And this month, although we’re a week later, Kathleen is giving away  a Green Aventurine necklace and Earrings.

Green Aventurine helps balance the Heart Chakra, in a gentle and comforting way.  It’s healing and calming and stimulates emotional recovery.  It also helps us see that there are more possibilities than we might have thought and to encourages us to pursue them.

If you would like to try to win Kathleen’s necklace and earrings,  you can click  here to leave a comment on her blog   Wrapped Stone Jewelry.  She’ll be announcing the winner on Thursday.  Good Luck!

9 thoughts on “Common Tread Give-a-way, Heart Chakra Necklace and Earrings by Kathleen Nohe

  1. Would love to give this to my mom for Mother’s Day this year, she is in a nursing home and needs some cheering up!!!

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