Minnie on the Prowl

minnie on the prowl

I love seeing Minnie in all her catness.  Especially since she has only three legs.    When I looked out my studio window today, there she was at the wood pile, no doubt hearing or smelling a mouse or chipmunk.  She sat there for the longest time, patiently waiting.  I didn’t see how the hunt ended, just that the next time I looked she was gone.

I do love the untamed side of cats.  I myself, have a hard time setting a trap for a mouse (unless it’s in my kitchen eating my food and pooping on the counters, then I think they’re fair game) and think chipmunks are the cutest things.  But knowing that wild side of my cats makes me feel closer to the natural world.  And reminds me that I too have it in me, to do what I have to in order to survive.

5 thoughts on “Minnie on the Prowl

  1. Minnie is as good as new and will always have me for a fan. My tripaw never thought he was “different”. So happy to see her out in the sun.

  2. Hi Maria,
    I have benn reading both yours and Jon’s blog for a while now and just want to thank you for your loveliness and honesty, two things that don’t always go together but something you do beautifully. I just received your two latest posts, wonderful. Thank you.

    Allison in AZ

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