Winner of the Common Thread Give-a-way

Kathleen’s Green Aventurine necklace and earrings

Congratulation Donna!  You’re the winner of April’s Common Thread Give-a-way.  Kathleen has a lot more of her wrapped stone jewelry so if you’re intrigued by what you see here, check out her website Wearable Earth Jewelry. 

And don’t forget to come back in May for the next Common Thread Give-a-way when writer and artist Rachel Barlow will be giving something away.  Check out her often funny and poignant  website Picking my Battles.

A little taste of Rachel's work.
A little taste of Rachel’s work.


3 thoughts on “Winner of the Common Thread Give-a-way

  1. So often both you and Jon explain my husband’s feelings to me. To use old familiar terms, he and you two are introvert and I am extrovert–so different. When you explore yourselves my understanding pauses and takes note.

    So I thank you, not for the first time, look at the pillow you made and smile and hug my husband.

    I hope you both have a wonderful time at Emma and Jay’s wedding; becoming part of a new family as I and my daughter have done in my 39 years’ old second marriage into a very large family.

  2. Hello Maria

    I am not sure if I am the Donna who won but I would be thrilled to bits!

    Your wedding outfit is just perfect. I understand your anxiety about going to a function with people housed to be in your spouses life. You will be fine because you will be with Jon.

    Look forward to hearing about it.

    best regards


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