Horse Potholders For Sale

Horse Potholder

A few weeks ago, Karen Heenan wrote to me and asked if  I would like some horse fabric.  She told me it belonged to her mother and she’s had it a long time and was never able to figure out how to use it.  When I saw it, I knew it was my kind of fabric.  But like Karen, at first I wasn’t sure how to use it.   So I waited.  Until yesterday, when all my fussing over it made itself clear and I knew what I wanted to do.

I wanted to bring out the magical, the mystical side of  the horses.   And I’m sure that our Carriage Ride in Central Park, with Ariel over the weekend, had something to do with me finally figuring it out.

Once it got started, I couldn’t stop until I ran out of the pink material that surrounded each patch of horse fabric.  Then I found a piece of teal that worked, at least for one of them.

I have another hunk of horse fabric left, but without the pink, I’m going to have to figure out something else that works.  Maybe it will be along the same lines, maybe something different.

I have 10 of these and am selling them for $15 each + shipping. I’m also planning on having some of them to sell at the June Bedlam Farm Open House, something Karen will be a part of too.  You can email me here at [email protected], if you think one of these “Horse Potholders” would be happy in your kitchen.

Nine of the ten horse potholders
Nine of the ten “Horse Potholders” ( I left one out because it made a better picture)

12 thoughts on “Horse Potholders For Sale

  1. Maria, I just have to tell you: I looked at the photo of all the potholders all assembled together and thought of what a delicious and unique quilt that would make. They are lovely individually and lovely as a group!

    Your creativity is a wonderful gift.


  2. See, I KNEW you’d figure out what to do with that fabric! I might have come up with something eventually (having it in the family for 50 years, it could happen), but between Blue Star, Chloe and the NY carriage horses, you have a lot more horse inspiration. Glad to see it put to good – and beautiful – use at last.

    1. Sometimes, I think some things just need to move to get the energy they require to come alive again. Thanks for passing this on to me Karen. I have a lot of fun making these.

  3. I wrote you about your original horsey potholder posting. Do you have any left from this lovely horsey batch? Please advise. Thanks, LT :))

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