Bedlam Farm Wool For Sale

Ma, Suzy and Socks
Ma, Suzy and Socks’ yarn.  (Photo by Jon)

I picked up my wool today from Vermont Fiber Mill at Maple View Farm.  It’s from last years Spring and Fall shearing, so I have a double batch. And last years wool tells the story of my sheep.  Those who were born, those who are no longer with us.  And how the fall wool was full of seeds and burdock.   I spent hours skirting Ma, Deb and Liam’s wool.  It was loaded with velcro-like seeds.    Deb from the Mill said she got some other wool that also had lots of seeds in it.  She thought maybe it was a good year for burdock.  ( so if you get any of their wool or roving you may find a small piece of bedlam farm plant life in it, straight from the pasture)

I have the last of Ma’s wool and the one an only batch of Ted’s wool.  If you don’t remember, Ted was the Ram we brought to the farm for lambing.  He’s a white Cheviot and the father to our lambs.   I didn’t get any yarn from the lambs, it wasn’t long enough, but I have roving from them. ( Roving is cleaned wool not yet spun into yarn.  It’s used by hand spinners, rug hookers, and felters).  Suzy’s wool is a different color from last year.  It’s a soft gray and really beautiful I think.  And it seems to me that Sock’s wool is richer,  darker brown than usual.  It’s our first batch of Kim’s wool.  She’s a Karkal (often compared in looks to the puppet Lambchop) and her white wool has a buttery look.  Different from the creamy color of Zelda and Ted’s.

Zelda, Kim and Ted's wool
Zelda, Kim and Ted’s wool

Here’s what I have for sale:

Ma’s yarn  3 ply worsted – 10 skiens
Ma’s yarn  3 ply DK  –  8 skeins
Border Leicester Mix

Socks’ yarn  3 ply worsted  – 8 skeins
Border Leicester

Suzy’s yarn  3 ply DK  – 27 skeins
Border Leicester

Ted’s yarn   3ply worsted  – 11 skeins

Zelda’s yarn  3 ply DK    – 18 skiens

Kim’s yarn    3ply DK   – 5 skiens

Each skein of yarn is 200 yards  and they are $23 each + shipping, which depends on the amount you buy.  If you’re interested in any yarn, just email me here at [email protected].  Let me know whose yarn you would like and how many skeins.  Please also let me know if you’d like to send a check or if you’d like to use paypal.

I also have roving for sale. But I’m still figuring our the pricing  so I’ll post that information tomorrow.  But here’s a picture of the roving from Socks, Liam, Pumpkin and Deb.

Socks, Liam, Pumpkin and Deb
Socks, Liam, Pumpkin and Deb


4 thoughts on “Bedlam Farm Wool For Sale

  1. hi Maria I would like 2 skeins from either Ted or Zelda . both are white as far as I can tell I will pay by check. Boy Liam sure is white but that’s roving . Thanks for getting back to me

  2. Maria,
    If available I would like 2 skeins of Socks yarn. Can do either ck or Paypal.
    Beautiful yarn! Thank you. Nancy Scherer

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