Sheep, Yarn, Mittens

Candy's Mittens (1)
Mittens that Candy made from Tess’ wool

Candy sent me this photo of a pair of mittens she knitted for herself using my sheep Tess’ wool.  She added the blue Alpaca wool from Haven Hill Alpaca’s to make a really lovely combination.  Candy just bought some of Suzy’s and Zelda’s wool from me.  I’m not sure what she’s going to make, but I do hope she’ll send a photo when she’s finished.  It’s still a thrill for me to see how the wool goes from sheep to yarn to mitten, hat, scarf or sweater.

3 thoughts on “Sheep, Yarn, Mittens

  1. I’m so flattered that you posted this Maria! I will enjoy wearing these “local” mittens next winter. 🙂

  2. In Salem (Oregon) we have a historic woolen mill that has been transformed into a museum and interpretive center. Every spring they have a sheep-to-shawl festival with demos of sheep shearing, carding, spinning, knitting–every stage of the process. It really is fascinating to see the full route wool takes from the sheep to the final garment. Kids are especially fascinated, mostly with the sheep!

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